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This project is the creation of digital interactive textbooks for a publishing house which specializes in sales of English language textbooks for primary and secondary schools. The digital textbooks are integrated with our learning management system (LMS) which includes different functions in order to enhance the learning experience. One of the key functions is the Zoom integration, which enables communication in real time between students and teachers within closed groups.

The LMS also included a great number of interactive tasks and activities designed to attract the attention of students and make the learning experience more interactive, dynamic and more fun. The tasks and activities and in accordance with the program and designed to help the students practice and revise.

Besides the interactive tasks, the LMS has also provided the tools for progress tracking of the students. The teacher has the ability to track his student’s success for specific tasks and activities as well as the overall course progress. This data has been used to identify the areas where the students had difficulties and to adjust the courses specifically to their needs.

The general goal of this project is the creating of digital textbooks which are interesting, interactive and give the teachers necessary tools to efficiently support and follow the progress of their students. The LMS, the Zoom integration, numerous interactive tasks and progress following have helped this publisher to provide a modern and advanced learning experience.

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