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This project was the creation of digital textbooks along with a Learning Management System for a publisher that sells books for primary schools at affordable prices. The goal of the project is the making of interactive and fun digital textbooks that will enhance the learning experience and attract more users.

Our expert team for web development and design, as well as our team for education area, have worked along with the publisher to completely meet their demands. In this process we have used the most modern technologies such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

LMS that we have implemented on this project has provided the teachers with an option to track the progress of their students, assign tasks and exchange information with them. In addition, the digital textbooks are adjusted to all of the devices and the students can use them on PCs, laptops, tablet devices and mobile phones.

This project is successful and has resulted in increasing learning experience and the number of users of this publisher’s books. These textbooks are available for all schools and teachers all over the country with the option of launching them internationally also.

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    Foundation Alek Kavčić

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