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The project was the creation of digital textbooks with an Learning Management System for a publisher that does sales of foreign language books for primary schools. This project included the design and development of interactive textbooks as well as implementation of our LMS with gamification, Zoom and communication between students and teachers in closed groups.

The goal of this project was to create a fun and interactive learning experience for students and enhancing their results in acquiring foreign languages. With gamification the LMS has become even more interesting for users, while the Zoom integration has enabled teachers to work with their students online in real time.

The teachers have the option of making closed groups in order to communicate with their students, exchange information and materials and organize online classes. The system has also enabled progress tracking of students, tasks assigning, which helped the teachers to have an insight in their student’s progress.

The digital textbooks are adapted to different devices which enables the students to use them in PCs, tablets and mobile phones. This project was successful and has resulted in increasing learning experience among students as well as sales. The students had the opportunity to learn a foreign language in a fun and interactive manner, while the teachers had all the tools necessary to follow progress and provide additional support to their students

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    New Age Publishing

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