Euphoria Digital LMS

Create your online courses and provide amazing online learning experience

Unique social network

Our LMS offers the creation of open or closed social network for all your users. We represent to you just a part of the features of our social network:

  • Creating and managing user profile
  • Following other users
  • Posting texts, pictures, videos, links, documents…
  • Access to public and private groups
  • Direct communication via messages
  • Commenting posts, liking and tagging
  • Notifications about the activities of your friends
  • Forums, discussions

Your platform, your courses

The idea is there, but you are missing an online platform. We offer a quick and efficient solution: our LMS at your service with your content, ideas, logo and branding.

  • Unlimited number of courses
  • Progress tracking
  • Conducting courses live via Zoom
  • Creating quizzes, tests
  • Inserting pictures, videos
  • Lesson unlocking based on user accomplishment

Gamification = Motivation

We are all children sometimes, so increase the motivation of your users with our gamification system.

  • Winning points, badges, trophies
  • Winning awards
  • Level crossing
  • Ranking users based on accomplishments

We offer a large number of different interactive tasks

Apart from classical tasks you see on other quiz creation systems (multiple choice, fill in the blanks, drag the words, matching…) we also offer:

  • Interactive videos with integrated tasks
  • Puzzles
  • Dialogue cards
  • 360 degrees pictures with tasks
  • Presentations with videos, audios and different types of tasks
  • Mathematical quizzes
  • Memory games
  • Crosswords and find the words

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